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Hey there! Ruan here.

I am a software engineer, writer and at times speaker. This is being written in Prague, Czech Republic.

About the blog

I am currently working with technologies like Node.js, JavaScript, and DevOps tools like Terraform. You can expect many articles about these topics here.

New content will be published once or twice every month. If you want to stay in the loop, follow me on Twitter.

About this site

The site is built with Next.js and hosted in a very cold room somewhere at Amazon.

The website analytics are public. You can view the dashboard here.

The cover images used on the articles are from Paweł Czerwiński, you can check out his work on Unsplash.

The total cost of running the website is $10.39 per month. This includes services such as the domain, text editors, and analytics.

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Get in touch

You can send me a DM on Twitter, or an email.